One Third of My Light Is Gone

"...And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened. And the day did not shine for a third part of it,, and the night in like manner." --Rev. 8:12

I have three sons. One of them is in the spirit world. On October 26, 2009, one third of the light in my life went out forever.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Message From Tech School Friend

I am grateful when I meet people who cared about Maris.   I understand the purpose of  life on this planet less and less with every passing day.  The only thing that makes sense about it is the quality of our relationships.  That is why it means so much to know that there were so many awesome people who cared about Maris the way they did, and that he had a positive effect on them.  It bringd me joy and comfort thatl they got to know him and spend even a little time with him.  

" My name is Eric Grace and I was Maris's class leader during tech school in Texas. I want to say that I am so sorry for your loss. Butta as I knew him, was by far the smartest kid in the class. He was also my favorite. That's why I made sure that I sat near him the whole six months. I related to him more than any of the other students, with his quiet demeanor and rich sense of humor.
I know that you already know most of this but I wanted to share with you how I see him. When I got the news I was deeply saddened. I am glad to have been enlightened by his caring soul."

Thank you for these kind words, Eric, and I am so happy your path crossed with Maris's.

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